Our Mission

At RHC we are a family dedicated to building stronger families through research-based ABA Therapy and Consultation with a biblical foundation of faith, hope, and love. It is important to us that your family’s needs are individually prioritized and successfully met. Every individual is uniquely and wonderfully made, so their care should be no different!

Our Culture

The environment we strive for daily is one that recognizes that we put others first. We often times go out of our way to better understand who someone is and what they need. We also encourage our team to daily provide feedback in order to create an atmosphere of open communication and willingness to grow with each other. At times you can see our team praying for each other, with each other, for our clients, and with the parents of our clients. We invest the additional time to encourage, empower, teach, address, and love because we are family!

Our Why

God made you and your family fearfully and wonderfully, and that’s enough for us. We believe that every family whether an employee or client deserves a chance to grow and thrive. So we are here doing what we believe is our purpose; serving families who have children with developmental challenges and those on our team so that each may live life with faith, hope, and love.