Having been mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually bankrupt after a history of sexual abuse, divorce and the single parenting that comes with it. I felt as if nobody believed in or supported me. I had to choose between persevering for myself and my family or dying in the depths of depression. When I found ABA, I felt like I found life and community! I do what I do because I have the opportunity to be a light in the darkness for my family, the employees on my team, and the families I serve. I have the opportunity to be a voice of encouragement and strategies. I serve because I want to give faith, hope, and love to those entrusted in my care when they could easily choose an alternate road.

Audra Jones-Smith

Administrative Leadership Team

  • Pamela Melton

    Administrative Director
  • Steven Stuart

    HR/Schedule Director
  • Kadeem Goddard

    Compliance Director

Administrative Supports

  • Jael Lampkins

    Transportation Assistant

Clinical Leadership Team

  • Rochelle Dolce

    Program Director
  • Lynette Rorer

    Senior Clinician

Occupational Therapy