DEI Initiative

Our DEI Vision

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are more than just words to us at Reach High.  We celebrate, acknowledge and uplift our families, staff and our community. We welcome and serve all as we view our work through an intersectional lens.  Our vision mirrors our core purpose.

Core Purpose: To elevate the quality of life for our people, our clients, and our field by being better today than we were yesterday.

Reach High Consulting fosters an inclusive environment within our staff, clients, and community. We acknowledge the climate of our country past and present; therefore, we are intentional in creating a workplace of belonging.

How does Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion impact our Core Purpose?

Our mission is to develop a holistic system of services to support families and children, focusing on those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. For our system to be considered holistic, we must ensure we are servicing the whole individual.

Our DEI Actions

All of our staff are required to complete our DEI Learning Path which includes:

  1. Harassment, Discrimination, and Relationships in the Workplace
  2. Ethnic, Cultural & Linguistic Considerations when Working with Families
  3. Respecting Diversity in Practice: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Reach High is in the community as an advocate for self advocacy by members of our client population. We are committed to promoting and supporting neurodiversity in our company, and our community.

Reach High puts an emphasis on proper communication, therefore we are proud to support any individual client by providing translation services – upon request for oral and written communications. Translation services are available upon request.