Audra Jones Founder of Reach High Consulting and Therapy
Audra Jones – Founder

Dear Families,

When I began Reach High, I was a young mom searching for my place in the world to serve with all my heart. I began Reach High not because I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but because my heart was being finely tuned to the overwhelming need of quality services for those diagnosed with Autism.

While in college, I experienced some of the same challenges parents with special needs faced. My son had difficulty remaining on task, completing a task, and even had spurts where he would destroy property. Being a college student, freshly married, and with my first child, I had no clue what I was doing. Talk about high levels of frustration, sleepless nights, and plenty of tears. I remember sitting with my son’s kindergarten teacher and both of us were in tears as she shared with me information on ADHD and ODD testing. When I looked at the recommendations, I felt my world close in. The tears streamed from my face and began to soak the papers she had handed me. I left her classroom feeling like I was a terrible mom, I am clueless, I don’t even know how to deal with this. I felt defeated. 

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Then I found Applied Behavior Analysis. It felt like heaven opened up and shined directly on my situation. I jumped in with every single limb of my body for my son. My passion grew to see ABA provide hope and success for other families. Reach High was birthed from a place of tears, need, and self-sacrifice. 

It is the first Applied Behavior Center in Bloomington, Indiana. We are an organization that provides quality services based in ABA and the different emphasis areas, such as Verbal Behavior, Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction and other evidence based methods. 

Listen in as Jim Webster of WVNI Spirit 95 talks with Audra Lampkins owner of Reach High Consulting and Therapy.

Reach High is set apart by our passion and diligence to serve our families. Our services take into account each families’ current needs and their future dreams. Flip this around, and we feel the same way about our employees. We strive to create a family atmosphere for our team members and our clients while providing excellent and individualized treatment. By doing this, we are able to be better today than we were yesterday.

The sacrifice, the journey, the rewards, all of it has been so worth it to say to each of you…Welcome to the family!  




At Reach High, we have a moral obligation to lead, love, and serve like we would want for ourselves. Through consistency, we create a community that is accountable to each other and for each other.


We take the continued coaching and development of our people seriously because we believe our technicians and behavior professionals must experience successful learning if we expect them to create meaningful learning opportunities with the children they serve!


At Reach High we know that results matter for our people, our clients, and the progression of our field. We are committed to measuring what matters so each individual member can see how they collectively impact our vision and mission.


Our team understands the importance and benefits that come from working as a unit and as a team. We know that we can rely upon one another in order to meet our end goal of being better for our clients today than we were yesterday.


“Better than we were yesterday” is a motto that requires ownership. Ownership is the belief that each day, in every situation we always have a choice, and we live by those choices.


The practice of ABA requires perseverance. This is the willingness to keep going no matter what is ahead. At Reach High Consulting & Therapy, we love what we do and we fight for what we do. We know that piece by piece and day by day, we are making a significant difference in the lives of those on the Autism spectrum.

Support and Reinforcement

We understand that being in this field is not always easy, and we want you to know that we see the hard work that you put into your position. Not only can you be recognized by your supervisors, but your co-workers can also reward you when they see that you have done something outstanding.

ACE certified provider
BHCOE Accredited Practice 2023
member of CASP