How does ABA support learning?

woman teaching a child

How does ABA support learning?

“Learning is mastery of a concept through meaningful repetition.”

Unique curriculums for your child.

Each child’s curriculum is developed to support a better balance of their skills. Typically, children with Autism are naturally great in certain areas at the expense of other important areas. For example, a child with Autism may have hypersensitivity, which is essentially an increased response to sensory input – this strength may be at the expense of their ability to engage in other necessary activities because they are preoccupied by seemingly minimal sensory input in their environment. In the previous example, their curriculum and learning goals would take into account their increased sensitivity by having learning goals that would help them to reduce or manage their hypersensitivity to allow them to engage in other important activities later in their curriculum. The first step in ABA is to conduct assessments that will help us understand the unique makeup of your child so we can develop a specific curriculum that will support their specific needs.

Teaching for mastery at your child’s pace.

While your child is learning at Reach High, our skilled RBT’s present each target multiple times in different ways throughout their day to ensure that they have a good grasp on the goal before it is considered mastered and removed from their daily session books. This may look like the therapist taking their goals away from the table and incorporating it into a game with their peers or out into the community to test if they are able to generalize their learned skill.

Reinforcement at each step of the way. (Speak in more general terms)

Reinforcement is anything that follows a behavior and causes that behavior to occur again in the future. Reinforcements can be items that your child enjoys such as snacks, toys, or even fun activities. The key to ABA therapy is that reinforcement is given to your child after he or she makes successful small steps towards a learning goal. Using this principe, we keep your child engaged and encouraged while making progress towards their larger goals.