Dear Staff,

Welcome, we are glad you’re here!

Whether you have just joined our staff or have been at Reach High for a while, we are confident that you will find our company a dynamic and rewarding place in which to work. One of the keys to our success as a company is our employees. We consider the employees of Reach High to be one of its most valuable resources. We expect and depend upon each of you to perform the tasks assigned to you to the best of your abilities. We believe that hard work and commitment will not only help us all succeed, but will help give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

We are excited to have you as a member of Reach High. We hope that your employment proves mutually satisfying and that you will make an important contribution to our future. Every employee has an important role in our operations and we value the abilities, experience, and background that you bring with you to our company. It is our employees who provide the services that our clients rely upon, and it is our employees that enable us to grow and create new opportunities in the years to come.