finding your support system

The Right Family for Your Family

We understand that no one clinic fits all. When seeking clinical services, it is important to take into consideration not only the needs of your child, but your family as a whole. Ultimately, you want a provider that sees you and your child. How can we help you make this decision?

  • We invite you to tour the facility. Our people are warm, genuine, and constantly improving.
  • Before beginning services, we meet with you and review our handbook. Our goal is for clarity and alignment. We share our policies and procedures in an informal meeting with you. This gives you time to know the expectations, and realities of our services. 
  • Our Team will help you understand your insurance benefits thoroughly prior to services.

You will need a community around you to support, and cheer you on during your journey. More than that you will need a family to share in your struggles and celebrate your wins. We would love to be that family.