child pointing at blue smiley face that teacher is holding

Intro to ABA Techniques

Applied Behavior Analysis can be simply put as a tailored program that develops your child’s strengths while teaching them to properly cope with their weaknesses. These tailored programs are able to grow and adapt with your child. Various techniques are employed. We have briefly described a few below.

  • Discrete trial teaching where larger tasks are broken down into smaller ones using a cue-response format.
  • Naturalistic teaching where the student sets the preferences in the learning environment. We are basically learning their preferences so as to set them up for success in their therapy. By doing so, the families of the students can gain ground in continuing the students learning into the home and other environments.
  • Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT) where we focus on supplying more than one cue to invoke a response from differing motivations. It is a key therapy to the student’s ability to transition to naturalistic environments while managing oneself.

This is not an exhaustive list but gives you a taste of the ABA difference. We at Reach High Consulting believe in building better families. ABA Therapy gives us the opportunity to work in partnership with our students and their families.