Private Rooms

At RHC each child is given their own private room at our facility. These rooms provide each child with a personal space for when they are working one-on-one with our instructors. Each room is personalized by the client’s family with decorations, toys and games that help the child feel most comfortable at RHC. We believe that giving each child their own space is a crucial part of the ABA process, which allows us to give each and every child a personalized experience to help them reach their maximum potential.

The Big Room


The Big Room is the largest space at our facility and serves as the general play room for all of our clients. Here kids can experience active play through games, dress up, video games, music and more. Our older clients also take part in fun exercise activities with our instructors to ensure that they live a healthy, active lifestyle. Often the favorite room at our facility, the Big Room provides great rewards for our kids.


In our large, spacious kitchen we offer unique life skills cooking classes for our older kids. Here they can learn the basics of cooking, while also having tons of fun! Due to the various dietary restrictions, we always have our kids bring their own snacks and meals. Each child is assigned a cleaning chore in either the bathroom or kitchen, which also helps them to gain a greater sense of responsibility and independence.


We believe it is important that your child gains independence and that all starts with learning basic hygienic life skills. In our bathroom facilities we can teach our clients potty training, as well as how to properly shower and wash their hands.

Cubby Area

For some of our clients it is important to prepare them to eventually transition into a mainstream school environment. One of the ways we help to ease this transition is teaching them how to keep track of their belongings through the cubby system, just like they would at a mainstream school.



The RHC facility sits on multiple acres of land with a huge backyard. We love to encourage outdoor play if it is appropriate for the child. In our backyard we provide plenty of outdoor activities, games, play equipment and bikes for our clients to use with our instructors. Here we also host various seasonal activities for our clients and their families throughout the year.

Quest Room


Our older clients have the opportunity to participate in our Quest Program which takes place one to two times a week. In this room kids learn age appropriate independence skills, art projects and other activities. In addition to this, our Quest clients participate in basic cooking skills classes, community events and field trips.

Circle Time Room


Our younger clients participate in Circle Time on a regular basis with other clients their age. In this program they are taught adaptive lessons covering topics such as the weather, days of the week, colors and more. We try to make these lessons as hands on and fun as possible to ensure maximum engagement.

Puzzle Room

We keep a wide selection of games, books, and puzzles for the kids to enjoy.