Reach Beyond

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As more and more independence is gained, your child and family will reach beyond in-clinic treatment.  We plan for this day by providing opportunities for your child to engage with a diverse array of peers in different environments. They can use what they learned in-clinic out in the real world with our support. These interactions are crucial as some social things can only be learned through direct experience.

Minimal In-Home Support

Some of our clients transition back to their home where they may require some support to complete the link between what they learned during their in-clinic treatment effectively to the home for future independence at home.

School without Support

Some of our clients transition to go on to school with some support to help them continue to learn and navigate the social aspects of re-integrating with a diverse array of peers.

School with Support

Some of our clients transition to go on to school without the need for further support in an inclusive classroom where they can continue to learn and grow their social skills amongst mostly neurotypical peers.

Community Connection

RHC also partners with other organizations and groups that can provide your child the opportunity to learn some of the more advanced social skills with their peers in fun and engaging after-school or evening programs in the community.


The transition from clinical support to more independence comes in many ways but each one is celebrated during our Annual graduation ceremony at the end of our Summer Camp!