Training Together

Effective learning takes place when your child remains engaged and enthusiastic about what they are learning. At Reach High, we celebrate the unique interests of your child and find ways to involve those interests in their learning goals. The daily exploration of your child’s interests helps our behavior technicians build meaningful relationships with your child as we support their journey to their level of independence. 

At Reach High, we take the time to observe and understand your child’s emotional state throughout the day, this aids in their ability to identify and appropriately express what’s happening internally. Our behavior technicians are trained to teach with compassion because your child’s motivation to keep learning involves a level of trust that their behavior technicians have their best interests in mind. The relationship your child builds with their behavior technician helps to show your child the value of the many social skills involved with communication and peer interaction.

Our goal is to maximize your child’s independence and freedom to enjoy their life with minimal clinical and outside support. The best way to help your child achieve the goals you set with your child’s treatment team is to help your child link what they are learning with their treatment team in the clinic or school to the home or community with you and their family and friends! 

This is completed in monthly parent coaching where three important things take place:

  1. We share what we learned about your child with you.
  2. We demonstrate and teach you some of the things that successfully helped your child achieve their goals in the clinic.
  3. We discuss what’s working and what needs improvement at home to help your family move closer to independence and freedom to enjoy your lives.

Generalization is largely about testing for your child’s ability to recognize patterns that warrant the same behaviors in different settings or with different people. At RHC, we use a 3 test process to help your child succeed after us: First we test in-clinic with different behavioral professionals, Second we test in the community with different behavioral professionals, and finally we test in-home with you!